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Spring Cleaning Can Mean Extra Dollars for College Savings

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college-savings-spring-cleaning-moneyIf you have an interest in increasing your college savings, you should take your spring cleaning activities and commit to turning them into cash-generating activities. The weather is warming up, the flowers are in bloom, and the opportunity to grow your postsecondary education savings is in full swing! In addition to airing out your home, removing allergens and pollutants from the indoor surfaces of your home, washing the windows, and cleaning out your garage, you have the ability to give your college savings a boost! In this brief guide, you will be introduced to a few techniques that will allow you to turn spring cleaning into a highly profitable endeavor!

Facebook Sale Groups

One of the newest and most innovative ways to cash in on your spring cleaning efforts is to locate items in and around your home that you may sell in Facebook sale groups, such as your local Swip Swaps. Hosting a traditional yard sale or garage sale is considered to be a time-tested method of earning cash from your old and unused items, but, the task often involves wasting a great deal of time in organizing the event and sitting in on the event, while you wait on potential buyers. Instead of going through all of the trouble, simply list your old and unused items on Facebook sale groups. You simply organize what you want to sell, take a few pictures, and then post the pictures with a brief description and a price. You will be absolutely amazed at the responses that you get! Best of all, you can designate the time and location to meet your buyers in order to exchange the goods for the cash that you may place in your college savings account!

Recycle Items for Cash

When spring cleaning, you will likely run into a lot of items that you no longer use. You may not realize it, but, many of these old, unused items may be recycled for cash! Examples of these items include aluminum cans, copper wiring, cell phones, tablets, text pagers, video games systems, video games, and computers and corresponding parts. There are many online websites and even the new ecoATM that may provide you cash for these items. If you have old musical instruments, you may be able to sell them on Reverb.com.

Create Something New

While spring cleaning, you may come across many items that you have the ability to create into something new. For example, old and broken jewelry pieces may be turned into new, beautiful jewelry pieces that may be sold on Amazon, Etsy, or at a local flea market. You may be able to take old, holey clothes and patch them to create a new, innovative piece of clothing or another item altogether, such as a purse. If you stumble across seashells that you gathered on your vacations, place them in a decorative jar with a bit of fragrance and sell them, or, glue them around a mirror and sell it!


There are many different ways that you may take your spring cleaning activities and turn them into profits. Once you make your profits, you should then place the money in your college savings account. All it takes is a little work, a bit of creativity, a little time for research, and dedication to the task and you will be able to instantly earn money that may be used to fund your college education. Spring cleaning activities do not have to be dull, drab, and boring…simply look at each activity as a way to increase your college savings and you are sure to enjoy the task!

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