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Paying for College without Going Broke

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Paying for college without going broke is quite an achievement if you compare that against the average American college student.  With skyrocketing tuition costs and a high school system that does not teach personal finance, it’s no wonder that many college bound students will go broke during college and graduate with a mound of debt.

Instead of going with the crow, why not take some steps towards paying for college without going broke?  It’s actually not that hard to do.  In fact, if you follow a couple common guidelines, anyone can do it.  It will, however, take a large amount of hard work and sacrifice.

To truly graduate debt free and pay for college without going broke; use the following tips to help you on this financial quest:going broke

1. Go to a Community College

One massive step towards paying for college without going broke is to go to a local community college for the first two years.  Millions of new college students commare doing this to cut down on expenses, and it works!  The classes are smaller and you pay a fraction of the price that you would with a large University.  If it’s a local community college, you could always live at home and commute to work, further saving additional money!

2. Attend a State School

Did you know that going to an out of state school will cost you significantly more than if you went to an in state school?  If you leave your state of residency, you will be guaranteed to pay a premium for that.  Instead of wasting money on a school that is far away, stay local and go to a local college within your state.

3. Take CLEP Classes and Save Big

If you are well versed in a specific subject like chemistry and would rather test out of certain courses for college, try your hand at CLEP tests!  CLEP stands for college level examination program and they are recommended for students trying to save money during college.  If you pass a CLEP test, you can avoid paying tuition for the class in college.  This is advantageous for students looking for ways to save money and not go broke during college.

4. Apply to as Many Scholarships as Possible

Applying for a multitude of scholarships is another strategy you can use to making the dream of paying for college without going broke become a reality.  All you need to do is sign up for any of the major scholarship websites and start applying for the scholarships often and early!  It’s surprising how many new college students never take advantage of this free money.

5. Work a Part Time Job While in School

Working part time during college can be a huge benefit to your wallet during college.  While you work part time, the money you earn could go towards paying off expenses like tuition, textbooks, and room and board.  Not only can a part time job help ease your financial burden but it will teach you about responsible money management skills.

Make paying for college without going broke your next goal

Using the tips above, anyone can pay their way through college without going broke.  Managing your money well, staying in your state, and making extra income all play into making this goal happen.  The next time you’re thinking about spending money during college, think twice!

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