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Crafty Ways to Save on College Costs

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A tower of used booksIn a world where it is not at all unusual for the average cost of an in-state, public-based college to be nearly $24,000.00 a year and a private-based college to be nearly $47,000.00 a year; most are in search of ways to successfully save on college costs. The price that you pay for a college education typically includes tuition expenses, fees, housing, meals, books, school supplies, transportation expenses, and personal expenses. Despite the fact that several factors go into calculating the cost of a postsecondary education, most people find that they come up short in acquiring the funds for that education. In this college savings manual, you will be presented with a few top-rated, crafty methods that will help you save on college costs.

Explore All Options for Financial Aid

One of the best ways to save on college costs is to ensure that you explore all of your possible options for financial aid. Not only should you see if you qualify for government funding options, such as a Pell Grant, but, you should also explore your scholarship options. First, start by determining if there are any local scholarships that you may qualify for within your area of residence. Then, proceed to exploring state scholarships. Once you determine what is available there, determine if there are specialty scholarships that have criteria that match your skill-set, life experiences, and/or hobbies. By investing a bit of time for research, you are likely to find that it is possible to save on college costs by going after money that is readily available through scholarships.

Opt for a Local College

While many dream of the day that they travel off to college and remove themselves from an environment that is very familiar to them, attending a college that is out of your state of residence may prove to be exceptionally expensive. If you want to save on college costs, you should opt for a local college. If you want to save even more, opt for a community college!

Out with the New, In with the Old

Yes, you read that right. It is not a mistake. If you want to save on college costs, you should opt for used instead of new with every single thing you need! Examples include clothing, books, and dorm furniture. While it would be nice to wear name-brand, new clothes to class and carry in those fresh-smelling textbooks, it is not necessary. In fact, this could cost you thousands of dollars throughout all the years you spend in college. By simply purchasing used, you will save a lot on your college costs.


There are a number of ordinary ways to save an extraordinary amount of money on college. By following the tips outlined here, you have the ability to save thousands of dollars. Simply explore all of your options for financial aid, opt to attend a local or community college, and focus on purchasing used instead of new. By taking these measures, you will be able to save and obtain the education that you desire! For more information on college funding, visit 529 College Savings Plantoday!

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