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5 Unusual Ways to Save Extra Money for College

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Save-Extra-Money-for-CollegeComing up with ways to save extra money for monthly bills, unexpected expenses, and other events in life is a challenge for most; coming up with ways to save extra money for an expensive, long-term endeavor, such as attending college, is even more difficult. The good news, it is not an impossible task. Challenging, yes, but, the task is not impossible, whatsoever. In fact, there are many legitimate methods of making additional money available, both on the internet and in the real world, that you have the ability to capitalize on, when you have the convenience to pursue those opportunities. In this guide, you will be provided with information on the 5 most unusual ways to save extra money for college. According to many prospective students, these are currently among the best tips to save money.

Rent Yourself Out

If you want to save extra money for college, one of the best and most unusual ways to do so is to rent yourself out! There is a website, RentAFriend.com, which will actually pay you to be a friend to someone else! Many make in the way of $10 each hour, while others are currently making approximately $2,000 a week by “working” as a full-time “friend”. Millions of people, worldwide, are searching for new friends, collaborating with people that have a certain skill set, for a person to attend an event with, or, simply someone to call when they feel the need. If you are comfortable with others, this could be a wonderful opportunity to make and save a lot of cash!

Succeed with Selfies

Each day, millions upon millions of selfies are created. Now, you have the ability to take those selfies, turn them into advertisements for clothing and fashion accessories, and make some money! The shopping app called “Stylinity” allows you to take pictures of yourself with various types of items and upload it to the marketplace within the app. If an internet user purchases from your selfie, the company will provide you with points that may be used for clothes, or transformed into cash! These “Shoppable Selfies” are not only highly lucrative, but, quickly being recognized as one of the easiest, most entertaining means of making and saving money for college!

Use Your Car as a Marketing Tool

If you are searching for the best tips to save money so that you have the funds to attend college, you must uncover ways to make money – and, lots of it – fast! One of the best methods to accomplish this is to use your car as a marketing tool. You have likely seen many vehicles on the streets, covered in advertisements. Now, you can have your car covered in these advertisements and get paid to drive! Visit Free Car Media today for more information!

Sell Your Hair

If you are searching for ways to make money so that you may save extra money for college, considering selling your hair! Each day, millions of hairpieces and wigs are created from real hair sales. Depending on the length of your hair and the general health of your hair, you have the potential to make thousands of dollars!

Create Facebook Pages

Are you a Facebook fanatic? If so, you may be interested in creating Facebook Pages for cash! There are many entrepreneurs, organizations, and businesses that are willing to pay you to design and organize their brand’s Facebook Page! By searching websites like fivver.com and odesk.com, you may search for individuals and groups that want and need your help in their social media campaign. A basic design could result in hundreds of dollars profit, while a comprehensive design may result in thousands of dollars in profit!


If you are interested in ways to save up extra money for college, the unusual ideas listed in this guide should help you! The first step is to make money. You must have a passion for the money-generating activities that you are engaging. If you show that passion, others will become passionate, too! In the end, this will render you a high level of financial success. By starting one or more of the activities outlined in this guide, you will save extra money for college, and MORE!

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